About us

One step ahead of the competition

Berg is a British company founded by Matthew Britz. Qualified as an electrician he would serve time working for a multitude of successful and unsuccessful companies. Matt has never been one to sit and watch things pass, his interested in watching and wondering how he can learn and make something better is a key ingredient to who he is. This curiosity would lead to a desire to take all his acquired knowledge and start a company whose sole desire is to take all the good and none of the bad that is known of the construction industry and create something new, curious and hungry for improvement.

In this search of creating a company enthusiastically changing the industry Matt was talking to a once former colleague and close friend who was also founding his own start-up company at the time. Christopher Davis is a kitchen fitter with an uncanny ability to problem solve, always looking for intuitive ways to do things. They would both share the same vision of what they wanted to do in their area of the industry and agreed they would regularly work together.

As time went on it became apparent that they both had ambitions to grow the company into more than their own individual areas of the construction industry, and the birth of a new Berg had begun. The two agreed and the partnership was formed. Their can-do attitude, determination, ethics and persistence for getting the job done, customer care and can-do attitude, has accelerated the company to success.

We do not provide excuses, only results. Quality lasts and anything else futile.

Our Management Team

Matt Britz


Matt is the founder of Berg, he is driven by a passion for creation, solving problems for people and helping others to learn and grow. Starting as an apprentice, Matt spent the first 5 years in the construction industry working as an electrician in domestic, commercial and industrial environments. In this time Matt worked in many affluent homes in Greater London area. It was in this time that he found his passion for bespoke interiors. In 2010 Matt decided to go self-employed and take on his own refurbishment projects acting as the head tradesman / project manager. Over time, the amalgamation of many varying projects has evolved the company into Berg today. Matt is one to make a plan and execute actions, always striving towards the end goal even in the midst of chaos.

Chris Davies


Chris has proved to be a valuable member of our team for over a year now and has helped grow Berg to where it is now. He has an outstanding eye for detail and is key to the daily operations of Berg. Chris cut his teeth in construction at a young age, spending time on building sites. In this time, his knowledge and skill for co-ordinating trades was learned and honed. As well as a comprehensive knowledge of carpentry and construction methods, Chris also studied design and photography where his creative talent was really able to shine. Give him a pen and paper and Chris will come up with an intuitive solution to any problem.